Meet our car service team

James 'the boss' has always loved and worked with cars. A career spanning over 35 years with VW, Audi and BMW as a Senior Technician, he set up Brompsec in 2012 to focus on cars and customers.

Joined a little later by Stuart, also a BMW Senior Technician, although a mere youngster with only 20 years experience, their combined knowledge helps them to get to the root of almost any problem.

But none of this would work without Fiona to organise them. And let's not forget Diesel. He's the real boss! Always around to greet everyone with a waggy tail.

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Why we are doing this

Do you ever feel that you are just a number and not a name. You call the garage and speak to the receptionist, who speaks to customer services, who speaks to the service bay, who speaks to the technician....and none of them listen. That's why we are doing this.

You can speak straight to the guy servicing your car, who will tell you clearly and honestly what we believe to be the problem and the solution. We treat all customers equally no matter how old or new your car is. We are a women friendly garage. We care about the quality of our work. It's a slightly old-fashioned approach, but we're proud of it!

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You are important to us

We want our customers to be happy, because we want you to come back time and again, and tell your friends about us. So we will always do our best. We try to always ensure a first time fix and will tell you if we notice something else needs attention. We will guarantee the work that we do. We keep prices down with a sensible hourly rate and by not inflating the price of parts. We always use original parts, unless we feel it is not cost effective, in which case we will tell you the options.

Quality workmanship
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